Eduhate to educate. Hate as love. Hate as destruction. Hate as creation. Hate as destructive criticism. Hate as constructive engagement.

"Why you wanna... play your games on me?
-Chukki Booker, "Games"

"Why you wanna... playa hate on me?"
-The Luniz, "Playa Hata"

"Not a hater of players, I'm more like a coach..."
-Common, (De La Soul, "The Bizness")

"It's about love. What else but love? Can't I love what I criticize?"
-Guitar (Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon)

"I'll be dat"


smoke leaves my mouth
curls around telephone and electric wires
reaching for the stars;
dissipates in the orange of the streetlight
as a truck drives by
stirring dried leaves,
rustling in on the asphalt
in the middle of the street.


Stuck somewhere between hyphy and hyperspace...

The Thesis

An introductory attempt; better for more questions than answers.

My MA thesis.